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The Boys 2019 Channel 4 - New five-part series from Russell T Davies which focuses on three eighteen-year-olds Ritchie, Roscoe and Colin as they leave home to embark on a new life in London in 1981.

The story will look at the AIDS epidemic and will follow the three characters throughout the 1980's to explore their ups and downs.

The Barking Murders *Working Title* 2018 BBC1 - Factual drama which goes beneath the headlines to shed new light on this story by telling it from the point of view of the families of Stephen Port’s victims, focusing on their fight to uncover the truth about what had happened to their lost sons and brothers. 2019 ITV - Six-part drama about a murder in a tight-knit coastal community.

Morven Christie is set to star in the lead role as DS Lisa Armstrong whilst support is provided by Jonas Armstrong, Tracie Bennett, Daniel Ryan, Lindsey Coulson, Louis Greatorex, Chanel Cresswell and newcomer Taheen Modek.

Imelda Staunton also stars in the drama alongside Charlie Cooper and Siobhan Finneran.

Tom Bateman, Lesley Nicol, Adil Ray, Marc Warren, Gregory Fitoussi and Dakota Blue Richards lead the large ensemble cast.Common in animated works, sometimes as a trope, and sometimes as a humorous subversion. This is also partially because in old timey radio shows, they would use this noise to demonstrate that someone was drawing a knife because of Rule of Perception, so it's sometimes justified.Sometimes even non-metal objects make a metallic scraping sound, like a predator's row upon row of pointed teeth. Used by the same kind of series that would use Sword Sparks, a subset of The Coconut Effect.Keep in mind, the creators know that sharp things generally don't make noise — although some sword scabbards with a metal throat do actually 'schwing' on being drawn. For objects that aren't sharp but still cast an ambient hum along with their glow, see Audible Gleam. The ABC Murders BBC1 - Sarah Phelps' next Agatha Christie adaptation sees John Malkovich step into the iconic role of Hercule Poirot for the first time.Although guilt-ridden, they believe the money will enable the family to heal and move on, to start a new life and erase the memories of the past.But damage runs deep, and the price of taking the money may be very high.The supporting cast is set to include Ben Bailey Smith, Neil Maskell and Rosie Cavaliero.Clique 2018 BBC3 - Second series of Jess Brittan's university-set drama A Confession 2019 ITV - New six-part drama from Jeff Pope starring Martin Freeman as DS Steve Bulcher who deliberately broke police procedure and protocol, a decision that lost him both his job and his reputation.The drama sees Baptiste asked to aide the Dutch police whilst on holiday in Amsterdam, a request that soon sees him embroiled in the city's dark underbelly.Tom Hollander and Jessica Raine are set to co-star alongside Karyo.

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